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Molecular Diagnostics Lab is designated as the Molecular Center for Excellence by Roche Diagnostics

Zhaolab research featured on the cover of Cell Research (IF 8.19). 

"Practical Protocols in Molecular Biology" co-edited by Dr. Zhao published in two languages with four printings.

"HIV/AIDS in China (2005)": edited by Dr. Zhao to introduce China's HIV epidemic  

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Cancer Biology

Translational Research and Genomics

Molecular Diagnostics/Personalized Medicine


The ZhaoLab and its associated laboratories are a group of laboratories that carry out comprehensive basic science and clinical research, translational genomic research & clinical molecular diagnostics that specializes in the following areas:


Basic Science Research Laboratory:  To study the effects of HIV-1 Vpr on cell cycle G2/M control, anti-cancer therapy, viral pathogenesis and host-pathogen interactions; high throughput screening of anti-HIV drugs 



 Clinical Science Research Laboratory:  To carry out clinical studies and trials in a GLP compliance and CLIA-certified environment 



Translational Genomics Laboratory:  To provide translational genomic testing services for translational studies and trials in a CLIA/CAP-certified environment at the University of Maryland School of Medicine



Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory:  To provide routine patient care clinical diagnostic services for infectious diseases, familiar/genetic disorders, hematology/oncology and cancer detections; part of the Pathology Laboratories at the University of Maryland Medical Center

        For more information about the ZhaoLab, please e-mail to Dr. Richard Y. Zhao.

Personalized Medicine a Reality at UMSOM (2013)
Interviewed by Personalized Medicine TV on "Individualized Molecular Testing for Personalized Medicine" (2011)
"Challenges of HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and China" at VOA (2010)
"Individualized Molecular Testing for Personalized Medicine" at the VOA (2009)

Dr. Zhao's other public media appearances on YouTube 

Dr. Zhao named as a Honorary Director of the Gallo Institute of Virology (June 24, 2009)

Dr. Zhao honored with the Bernard L. Mirkin Ph.D/MD Research Scholar Endowed Chair (Apr. 11, 2001)

Washington, DC


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